Brewing process

We brew Chotěboř beer in a double-tank brewhouse by method of double-mash decoction (mash cooking) and 90 minute wort boiling and hopping. Our raw materials for brewing exclusively include Moravian malt, Žatec granulated hops and quality water from the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

We never use malt substitutes or other chemical antioxidants. After cooking the wort and its cooling, the wort ferments in open stainless steel vats at a maximum temperature of 10.5°C for a period of 10-13 days, based on the type of produced beer. Then final fermentation takes place in classic enamel lager tanks for at least 30-90 days at a temperature of 2°C. Then we filter the beer using a candle filter into 15 l, 30 l and 50 l kegs, as well as into 0.5 l bottles.


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